I found a snake skin, now what?

Winston Salem snake

What to Do About That Snake Skin
You are walking around your home and, surprise, you find a snake skin. You have no idea how it got there or when, but there is one definite thing: there is a snake in the area, or at least there was. Finding a snake skin on your property can be a scary situation for most people. Snakes can cause some harm, some of them being venomous. You do not want to take them lightly. Any chance of a snake being around is a serious situation. You have to know how to address and handle the situation, and you have to know what choices to make here. The wrong choice can put you and the snake at risk.

Look at the Skin
> Before doing anything, check the skin thoroughly. It is okay, the skin is not dangerous. Snake skin is entirely harmless, though it may be creepy to some out there. If you find that the skin is soft and tender, it is fresh. The snake has recently shed its skin and may be somewhere on your property still. It has probably went to find somewhere cool to relax. If the skin is rough and dry, it is old. The snake may have already left your property. At this point, you may not have to do anything.

Secure Your Property
There is a chance that you are not going to find the snake no matter what. If you find a fresh skin somewhere in your home, it is worth looking, but there is no guarantee that you will find it. Even if you do, there is a risk that it is a venomous type of snake. Make sure you start securing your property, using exclusion methods and traps if necessary, to keep the snake out. Maintain the area around your property to make it want to leave, too. Cutting grass and shrubbery, removing shelter, and keeping it clean will leave no places to hide for the snake.

Keep Calm
Do not overreact or put yourself in danger. While you want to remain cautious, you do not want to scare or harm the snake, nor do you want to get yourself harmed. In most cases, the snake is going to be of no harm to you. If the snake is venomous, it will want to stay away from you. If you attempt to go near it, for whatever reason, then you may be at risk. Remain calm and safe and do not worry too much about a snake skin. Take basic measures to secure your property so that the snake either leaves or does not come back, and make sure it has no reason to return.

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